Sleeping Beauty

Miss V tells the story of Princess Aurora, the curse that put her kingdom to sleep for 100 years and the love that woke her up--all set to Tchaikovsky's music.

Associate song and story with this short podcast that describes the story of Sleeping Beauty alongside the story-telling score composed by Peter Tchaikovsky! When Aurora is cursed by the Fairy of Darkness, the Lilac Fairy promises to protect her forever. And on her 16th birthday, when she is to meet all the princes who would like to marry her, the curse comes true and the Lilac Fairy puts the whole kingdom to sleep to wait for the right prince for Aurora! How long can the Kingdom sleep? Will the Fairy of Dark prevail? Is it totally un-woke to wait for a prince? Only if you expect him to fix everything. This story is most interested in demonstrating strength and the virtue of patience--there  are no followers in this story, only leaders. Listen on and hear one story where waiting for a prince isn't a passive move.

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